Meal plan…while in and out of town?

I usually get the family… at least the girls, involved in making out meal plan. DH’s participation pretty much comes in the form of asking if he has any special requests or something like that, which is usually… “not really”…and that’s the extent of it. With so much going on lately, and with all the traveling going on these days, a steady meal plan just would not work. Come Sunday, we will be heading back to Miami till about Tuesday, so, this means that Sun-Tues will be very flexible and we will most likely just eat whatever is served at my parent’s place. This means that this coming week’s meal plan is really for Wed-the following Sunday. I’m also keeping it very simple because we’ll be busy trying to get stuff taken care of before DH leaves the following week. With that said… here is the meal plan for next week… as with all my “plans”, this is more of guide and I could still change things around, but I see nothing wrong with swapping dinners between days, etc. We’re still swapping among the stuff we would be eating that week anyway, which means no other grocery shopping, etc. required. Oh, and that’s another thing, this meal plan is done based on items we already have in stock, so there is no need for additional groceries (aside from some Milk about half way through the week.) 🙂

Here’s a blank copy of the meal plan sheet in case you don’t have one and want to use it: 🙂

All the meals in our meal plan this week are pretty easy and simple. Works for me! 🙂


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