So much going on! Awesome!

Positive Notes:

I’m usually pretty busy. It can get a little crazy. Since January, the girls and I have hardly been home for more than 2 weeks straight.  So far, our record was hitting 4 cities (each more than 300 miles apart-minimum), in two states, in less 5 days. And, it gets pretty exhausting, to say the least… BUT, we’re SO Blessed to be able to be doing all we’re getting to do. I was thinking back on everything and I’m amazed at how God works everything out so that as crazy as things might seem, it all somehow ends up making SO much sense! And, being busy has helped the girls and I feel like time is going a bit faster…. that always helps when DH is away!

This past week we were able to spend time at home. While we were there, I was FINALLY able to schedule my appointment with the neurologist who will be helping me with some spine damage and such from a car accident we were in.. back in DECEMBER! Since then I have been just dealing with the migraines and back and neck pains and such. SO, a HUGE positive this week was that I got to get the ball rolling with this and I will be starting physical therapy soon… in addition to whatever needs to be done after more MRIs and such. Since I have anemia and blood clot issues, doctors are always leery of me taking pain meds, so I usually have to just deal with the pain. I’m looking forward to some much needed help now that I’m dealing with a new neurologist!

If you are a home schooling parent, you  might understand this… at least if your family is like mine and my most of our home schooling friends… the girls and I end up falling behind on some of the school work they are supposed to be doing—specially during some of our out-of-town trips. Well, this past week that we were home we got a chance to REALLY work on it and get a good amount of work done. Perhaps even got a tiny bit ahead in some of the “sections” (subjects) we are working on! In fact, the girls have each finished some of their “sections” for the year. That’s a HUGE positive note for us! My goal is to finish the “theoretical” school work (what will go in their portfolio’s and go in for review) by the end of June. We technically home school year round, but we take different approaches to learning and A LOT of it it’s hands on, which one can’t really put on a piece of paper! But, I understand we need to have the paper work as well and we will work on wrapping that up for what will go into this year’s portfolios by end of June and then have a summer full of hands on learning.

You might have noticed some previous posts of free admission to museums and national parks for military families… well, we feel that’s were you get some of the BEST learning! The kids are SUPER engaged and can see, touch, sometimes smell or even taste whatever they are learning about. This should be a fun summer… we’re really looking forward to what’s coming up ahead!

What is going on with you and your family? What are some Positive News on your end? Do you have plans for the summer? If, so, want to share? 🙂

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend! Remember to take a minute to honor those who have served and are the reason we celebrate this holiday weekend! Say a prayer for the families for whom this weekend is full of pain….


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