Our Ellie’s 8th Birthday Luau

abettermedaybyday.com - 8th Birthday Luau - fruit -spam - cheese - drinks

We had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate our youngest daughter’s birthday over the first weekend in August. Since we have been spending so much time out-of-town… planning for this was certainly NOT easy. Anyone who knows me, knows I’M A PLANNER. My girls’ birthdays USED to be planned out a year in advance. Well, when you’re not even home long enough to think, you quickly learn to improvise.

abettermedaybyday.com - 8th Birthday Luau - ice cream - fresh strawberry and pineapple sauces - cake - inflatables

Thankfully, she was on board with having a Hawaiian Luau this year. We had brought some Hawaiian chocolates which she was SUPER excited to give to her friends as favors… so they could try them too, we had found the Hawaiian radio station we got used to listening to on IHeart and would be able to have to on in the background… that way her friends could feel like they were on the islands. We got lots of fruit, spam and cheese, pulled pork, rice, corn on the cob, chips, and even pickled mango. We tried to bring a lot of what you would typically find at a “locals” party…. based on our experience and going to some of friends get together or long days at the beach with friends, local to the state.

I had fruit punch with strawberries in it or a pineapple/sprite mix with pineapple chunks in it as the main drink options. And, I prepared a

abettermedaybyday.com - 8th Birthday Luau - food displays - jello - flowers - balloons - outdoorsSince we had just gotten back from one of our trips and I had literally one day to put it all together, I did not want to be stressing it, so I got a great cake from Costco. It worked out wonderfully. I love their cakes because they are very inexpensive… specially for their size cakes, and they really to taste great. What’s not to love? fresh strawberry sauce and fresh pineapple sauce for the ice cream (this turned out to be REALLY good with the cake as well!)

With such little time to put this together, I focused on details that I knew would bring the “atmosphere” together… and at least to US say: HAWAII. Lots of flowers, a few decorations, sunshine, and “surfboard” inflatables the kids got to play with in the pool and I just used lots of balloons out side to make it festive. The most expensive was all the food, which I didn’t mind because I wanted our guest to try some (hopefully) yummy stuff they might consider having themselves from now on.

Since we were out-of-town, the “invite” was sent out electronically and with just about a week notice, so I knew it was going to be tough for people to make it, as we understand folks make plans for their families, etc. But our daughter had a wonderful time with those who were able to make it and we’re hoping they did too.

Positively Gigi-3

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