Show compassion and try to understand all… we’re ALL dealing with something.

Compassion and Understanding of others. Encouragement and Inspiration.


It amazes me how little tolerance people have for others at times… how little patience, or how little some seem to even care… TILL some voices out, “I HAVE ____”, “I’M GOING THROUGH ____”, “I JUST LOST _______”, etc. WHY does it, at times, seem like some people don’t show some patience and tolerance, gentleness or care, till they hear people are going through something terrible? Then, all of a sudden…. they can be patient or understanding, or even show they care.

How often do you stop to think that someone who is getting on your nerves is possibly going through something and there is a reason they are being the way they are? How often do you try to contact a friend to check-up on them or invite them to something instead of just waiting for them to do it and consider they might be going through something that’s kept them isolated or away?  How often do you consider the person in the “slow” car in front of you might have possibly just gotten some terrible news… lost a job… lost a loved one… and is just trying to get home to let their family know?

Would you extend people more patience, gentleness, compassion, or try to understand them a little more if you knew what they are going through? WHY? Why not extend some just because we’re all human and we’re ALL going through SOMETHING?


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