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Here are some printables I have created to use with my girls. Feel free to print and use with your kids. There are not mean for any other use.

FREE printable: Thanksgiving Activity Place mat for kids and adults.

I decided to make these for our girls and decided to share it on here. Basically it’s set to be printed on “legal” size paper and you’re done. Kids will write things they are thankful for in the turkey’s feathers and then draw a picture of everyone together for the holiday. This might be something you give kids to do while you finish getting dinner ready and then they can read what they are thankful… the adults might want to join in as well.

You can also keep these year after year, to be able to look back on what everyone was thankful for years past. If you make them ahead of time, a day or two as a side activity with the kids, you can laminate them before Thanksgiving dinner and everyone can read theirs. Don’t forget to add the date if you plan on keeping them! I left the date out on them so they can be saved and used year after year and be compared later on. 🙂

Click on the image, right click it and save. Feel free to share it, pin it, fwd it.

Thanksgiving Activity Place mat for kids. More family activities at www.abettermedaybyday

Thanksgiving Activity Leaves place mat. More family activities at Thanksgiving Activity Place mat print out. More family activities at

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FREE Worksheet: Elementary Level Scientific Method

I realized it’s been a while since I posted any of the worksheets I have made to help my girls out. I decided to post one that has helped them with basic science experiments and introduction to the Scientific Method. I hope you find it helpful for your kids. 🙂

FREE Elementary level Scientic Method Worksheet from www.abettermedaybyday


Click on the image to download and print.


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FREE: Simple 5 Paragraph Book Review or Report Outline Form

I have been meaning to put this on here for a good while. I thought I would share a form I created for my daughters to use when doing a simple book review (report). This is a basic outline form. You can choose how they use it. For kids just starting out, I would just let them get used to the form and turning that in. After a bit, and once they have grasped how to gather their thoughts to concise ideas on the form, you can start to help them move towards formatting paragraphs out of the outline. Eventually, this form can be used to write a 5 paragraph simple book review after a child has read a book.

You can use this to motive kids to read. For every book they read and turn in a review/report (form or essay, whatever you choose) they can earn whatever you decide the “currency” to be. Or you can just make it something required for them to do, of course. I feel that using forms like this helps my girls understand the formats and set ups of essays, etc.

As with other forms, I just ask that you please DO NOT remove my web site address from the bottom of the pages and link back if you choose to share this information. 🙂  Feel free to pin it for others to find as well!

You will need Adobe to open the .pdf file.

HS-Simple book review outline


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