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Virtuous – A Modern Day Film based on Proverbs 13

I’m SO excited to be able to share about this project with you! Hello fellow Christian bloggers!  I wanted to bring a film to your attention. It’s a movie FOR WOMEN and… in my opinion… it’s what Courageous was for men, but for us. I’m VERY excited about it and excited to be working with the production team. It’s a modern day adaptation and based on Proverbs 31. Please check out their FB Page. I would love for us to support a production company trying to bring us more Christian films and messages. We need to show that producing these movies IS valid and not just secular gets attention. I STRONGLY believe this movie will minister to and touch many women’s lives. Please join me in supporting this film, I’m hoping we can share it with as many women as possible, so it can reach and minister to as many as possible. They will start filming within the next day or two, and as of right now, it’s scheduled to be out for around Mother’s Day week/weekend. Please pray for this film and what God will do through it.

Virtuous button 250

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Top 6 SIMPLE and YUMMY Christmas Treats

Top 6 Christmas Treats.


If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed there have been some new boards we’ve been working on. I started to notice so many recipes for great looking and seemingly simple cookies, and with some cookie swap/exchange parties coming on, plus the usual baking of the season, I decided we needed a Virtual Cookie Exchange Board.  We also dedicated a board to Christmas Cheer.

After going through MANY cookie and treat recipes and links, here are the top ones. We decided to go with these six because they are pretty simple, it’s a variety between cookies, sweets, at least one healthier and savory option, and a drink.  It was tough to narrow it down to just 6 treats, but we figured most of us just don’t really have the time to go through a top 20 list. I hope you’ll be able to try these out. Let us know if you do. 🙂

For each recipe and/or information, please click on the links, and you will be taken to the original post.

White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Pudding Cookies

Christmas Savory Wreath

Coffee Meringues

Spritz Cookies

Chocolate Christmas Trees

Classic Eggnog

Please stop by these sites and if you choose to try out their recipes and ideas, let them know how you enjoy them. 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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Photos, Recipe names, and other information remains the ownership of the rightful owner. No copyright infringement intended and photos were only used as reference to the published article pertaining to the photo.

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Got Crafty last week…

We have been pretty busy and traveling so much that I have not been able to do a lot of the stuff I normally used to do for a long time now. This past week, we were able to be home with NO plans, NO agenda, Nothing but just do what we wanted to… which included the regular home schooling, which we do whether at home or on the road, but without the pressure of doing that along with everything else the girls do with their acting. This also allowed us to do a lot of the things we love doing, just don’t seem to have the time for lately. I even got to bake! 🙂

Activities to do with your child- making fudge. www.abettermedaybyday.comAcitivity to do with your child-making a pom pom puppy.

In the past week… aside from home school, the girls each re-organized their rooms, we cleaned out around the house and the garage and went through stuff for give-away. We managed to have enough to drop off a few bags and boxes (and even furniture) to our local donation spots a few times during the week. My youngest, who loves to cook, got to make some fudge with daddy while I helped her sister with homework one evening.  And, the oldest, got to get crafty and make a “pom-pom” puppy with daddy while I spent time with the youngest on the following evening.

We managed to clean out the coat closet, and re-purpose it as an “indoor doggie-house” for our puppies. I’m terribly allergic of our lab, but when the weather starts to cool down, we bring her in the house every night so she won’t be outside in her dog house. She has arthritis. Anyway, now that we have the indoor doggie-house for the dogs, it will at least contain them a bit and it will make the season a bit more comfortable for me… and the dogs.  I’m glad I can say the dogs LOVE it!

Thrift finds. Re-purposing. Clearance finds. Great ways to find treasures for much less.

I was also able to finish spray painting some wine bottles I got from my sister (I loved shapes of the bottles when I saw them), and after looking for the turquoise taper candles in about 5 different stores around town, I finally found them! I also found a great little tea pot lamp at a thrift store ($3!!!), and I just needed to get a shade.  I found a cute set of creamer and sugar containers for my collection of tea pot sets and accessories… for when the girls and I have our tea parties. 🙂

Coffee stand in progress from old entertainment unit. More about this and other projects at

Then I found an entertainment unit that was the PERFECT size for me to convert it to my new coffee station… it was $40 at the thrift store! It is still a work in progress project, as I’m not done with what I want to do with it, but I’m excited about what I was able to do over the weekend. It got a coat of white pain and I will finish the lacquer and turquoise details that will eventually go on it… to match the dinning table I had previously painted.

I also got an amazing deal on dining chairs! The dining table we have I got from Craigslist when we were stationed in San Diego. I got it for $25, including chairs that we no longer have because they were not in good shape at all. Eventually, we went through some other chairs, and lately we had actually been using some fold out chairs. I had been waiting for the right opportunity to get some new ones. This weekend was it! I was able to get 10 (yes, TEN!) dinning table chairs from a hotel, which had remodeled, for a grand total of $70. The table has leaflets and can sit up to 12 people if extended. I figured I can keep 6 of the chairs at the table on a regular basis and have the other 4 available for gatherings. I started painting the chairs white and will eventually also re-upholster the cushions. (I will be sowing some seat covers for the cushions in the meantime.)

Crafty and creative week projects. Things I worked on this past week including my new coffee stand I LOVE. Check out all the projects at www.abettermedaybyday.comTo wrap up the week, on Saturday, we even managed to catch a movie with our girls… go to church on Sunday morning, make some crepes for the first time, and then my husband took the girl park for a bit in the evening… giving me a few minutes to myself!

What an amazing week it was! I have completely enjoyed being at home and just getting to do stuff around here with the 3 most important people in the world to me. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to do this coming week! I’m feeling amazing… and I pray all of you are ready for a great week as well. 🙂

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