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Virtuous – A Modern Day Film based on Proverbs 13

I’m SO excited to be able to share about this project with you! Hello fellow Christian bloggers!  I wanted to bring a film to your attention. It’s a movie FOR WOMEN and… in my opinion… it’s what Courageous was for men, but for us. I’m VERY excited about it and excited to be working with the production team. It’s a modern day adaptation and based on Proverbs 31. Please check out their FB Page. I would love for us to support a production company trying to bring us more Christian films and messages. We need to show that producing these movies IS valid and not just secular gets attention. I STRONGLY believe this movie will minister to and touch many women’s lives. Please join me in supporting this film, I’m hoping we can share it with as many women as possible, so it can reach and minister to as many as possible. They will start filming within the next day or two, and as of right now, it’s scheduled to be out for around Mother’s Day week/weekend. Please pray for this film and what God will do through it.

Virtuous button 250

Positively Gigi-3

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Cook, Cook, Cook…. at home…


So, last year was no so bad, BUT I know I could have done better. I did my meal planning, which I use as a reference, but so much was going on at different times, that I didn’t always follow it. This year, I’m starting my meal planning back up again, and I will be working on sticking more to it. You can look back on some of the older posts and check out the meal planning printable, if you need one for yourself.

I will also work some more on coordinating my meals to sale items, and start full force with my couponing again. The last few weeks have been a little crazy, and truth be told, I have not been couponing since a little before Thanksgiving. With SO much going on, somethings had to give. My clipping and coupon organizing time went and often my cooking time (or desire to cook really) left too. I need to get back in my rhythm of this because it really does help us save so much money, and I know that if I cook, it will be better for the girls thank just grabbing whatever we can get our hands on.

So, that’s what I’ll be working on…. back to my meal plans and coupons I go! 🙂

Do you coupon?  Are you an occasional couponer or a real addict with weekly planning and match-ups, etc., etc., etc.?

Here’s to great meals at home in 2012!

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Christmas Decorations… most DIY and Thrifty!

Today I just want to share some of the decorations I have used over time… I usually use the same stuff year after year. I am tempted to change color schemes and every so often I do, but most of the time we don’t have the budget, so the same stuff works just fine. Also, most of what we have is either stuff we’ve made or things I’ve managed to be able to get on clearance at the end of a previous Christmas season, or just thrifting, etc.

So, starting with the Christmas tree. This tree was actually given to my sister by a friend, then my sister passed it to me when she no longer needed. It’s super easy to put up, it’s nice and big, and it was free! 😀 It has about 400 while lights on it… I normally just zig zag around the areas that are visible (there are no lights or ornaments on the backside, I just go up to the areas where you could notice from different areas of the room :->), and the same with the “ornaments”. The ornaments are ALL either Christmas decoration picks from the dollar store or pine cones the girls and I collected at parks in and then spray painted (or just left natural even). And then you add the wrapped boxes… those are not presents, they are all just empty boxes that I have wrapped up and then store and bring back out year after year.  My family started doing that when I was in middle school. My parents had purchased those electronic caroling dolls, a Santa, and Mrs. Santa doll as well and we wanted to stand them so that they could be seen from a window in our living room. We didn’t have a table to use for them,
so we wrapped up the same tall boxes they came in and stood them each on their own box. We left the bottom of the box wrapped so it was easy to open, stick each doll in its box, and store… the following year, it was

easy to just take out, stand on its box, and voila! Then we also started just wrapping empty boxes so it could look more festive. Over the years, I have developed a system of storing it all and some of the smaller boxes just go into larger boxes. Some of the other boxes are used to store the ornaments, lights, etc. When the time comes to decorate, pull out the boxes, take everything out, put it up (which is usually easy because everything is stored together and set where things “usually” go –they don’t always end up in the same spots, but it’s still easier, I just change stuff sometimes based on my mood… and you just use all the same boxes everything was stored in to decorate too!) When it’s time to put away, open the boxes, put things away and back to the garage everything goes.

Another thing I do is take the girls to collect pine cones, nuts, twigs, etc. They girls LOVE it, and then we can use them to decorate for fairly cheap, minus the cost of the spray paint. The photo above is of a mirror (that they were going to throw away at my husband’s office last year and he brought it home for me to do something with….) and I use it as my centerpiece on our coffee table in the living room. I normally like candles and a candy bowl or something like that on it. For Christmas, starting last year, the girls and I filled it with the pine cones we had painted, added some Christmas ornaments and we ended up with something we loved. So, did it again this year. Easy, cheap, fun… but this year, we already had the pines cones and everything, so it was even easier.

I use a lot of Christmas balls and add them to the baskets I have around the house. I also have lots of clear vases and I fill those up with walnuts, chestnuts, whatever I can find, small Christmas balls (I’ve purchased these before at the dollar store) and sometimes even twigs I spray paint. I have purchased LOTS of Poinsettias in the past after the Christmas season, which I store, bring out and fill baskets I already have in place to give them a Christmas feel. And I set out our little nativity scene above our entertainment unit. These pics are from last year and I have not had time to take pics from this year’s decor, but it doesn’t look exactly the same this year. Which is fine. But I used the same stuff I had. 🙂 Oh, and you can see I LOVE stacking boxes too. Well, I love baskets and boxes.. and stacking boxes are too cute…. and a few years back I had purchased some boxes that I gave out at my doctors’ offices for the staff to share… they were filled with different candies and nuts, etc. And, I had couple left over. I LOVED the boxes, so I took the stuff out of the them (everything was individually wrapped), repackaged before gifting and kept the boxes which I now use for decoration.

The felt teddy bears and bell were given to me by my aunt, she made them for me! And, I LOVE to bring them out every year. I LOVE hand/home-made gifts. It’s so meaningful to think that someone would take such time to make stuff like that for you. Although, of course, any time anyone gives us anything, it means they’ve thought of us and how awesome is that, that you mean something to someone else, enough for them to think of you! Pretty awesome!

 I hope you’ve been able to get some more ideas, if you needed some, and maybe you’ve figured some ways to turn some of the stuff you have already and just add some detail to add the Christmas feel. Also, the fact that you REALLY do not have to spend a lot… you can make a lot of stuff on your own, and more than likely the kids would LOVE to help out with some of the projects. 🙂

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