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Enjoying my girls. :)


What are your family plans for the weekend?

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I’m SO excited about Ella, friend of Barbie!

A friend of mine posted about “Ella, friend of Barbie” yesterday on their facebook page and I’m SO excited about it! I wanted to share it with you on here and social media land. Mattel has come up with a beautiful bald doll to help little girls going through chemotherapy deal with their situation.

Ella is reported to come with 2 wigs, a head scarf, and headbands or fashionable accessories.

How wonderful is this? I’m SO excited for little girls going through chemo who will be able to get this doll. I hope it becomes easily accessible to them.

This might even be something some little girls with Lupus might be able to relate to as well. Out of all Lupus cases, which are mostly in women, 15% of them happen to be children and one of the many symptoms  of Lupus is hair loss…. some losing their hair completely to baldness. And because of the complications Lupus can cause, many Lupus patients will also require chemo.

What a blessing for any little girl dealing with baldness and chemo to have a doll like this.



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Happy Mother’s Day 2014!

Encouragement and Inspiration for Moms. Happy Mothers Day from

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